custom software & Hardware solutions


With over 32 years of experience developing award-winning software and custom hardware solutions for our clients, which have included IBM, Apple, IRI, T+Ink, XEROX PARC, Bitstream, SPECSEATS Mobile, and many retailers like SEARS, Marks & Spencer, Royal Ahold, Albert Heijn, Marshalls and others

Our main areas of expertise are CLOUD based software/analytics, Augmented Reality and dynamic ePaper displays 


We LISTEN to our clients needs

Build & Design Services

Custom solutions to meet your needs!

Here is an example of a custom price tag we developed for a client who needed dynamic pricing to keep up with an ever changing retail world where physical stores have to keep up with virtual stores on the Internet, so we created an IoT solution that can dynamically change prices with ePaper!


  • Business Software
  • Augmented Reality
  • CLOUD Services
  • Custom Hardware

We are a group of creative folks who are very good at LISTENING to clients and then work together to provide custom, creative solutions that meet the needs of the client. Custom solutions we created for one of our clients drew lots of interest at NRF in the Intel booth and are in pilots now.